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Rokel Head Office is in Leicestershire, UK, a beautiful English city. We are, however, Global and can be contacted via our platform.

All goods are carried under BIFA 2005 terms and conditions (BIFA 2005) which limit our liability. Without choosing additional coverage, you are covered for goods valued up to £50, or 2SDR per kilo, whichever is greater (or £25, or 2SDR per kilo, for our Hermes, Landmark Global and USPS services). We strongly recommend you read these terms and opt for additional cover if required.

Claims can be made by emailing rs*******@ro***********.uk or by calling us on 02034752137 (Monday-Friday 8am-5:30pm) in the first instance.

  • Claims must be made directly to Rokel Shipping. Any attempt to claim with the carrier directly will invalidate your claim with us.
  • A claim can only be made by the person or company contracted with Rokel Shipping; that is, the account holder, not the receiver.
  • A claim for lost or damaged goods will be rejected if the items claimed for are missing from the original valued customs invoice or if the items claimed for are on our list of “Dangerous, Hazardous and Prohibited”, or “No Compensation” items.
  • Claims for lost parcels or partial loss (missing contents) will be invalidated if the goods are located or are no longer considered lost.

All successful claims will usually include a refund of the carriage costs.

We aim to process all claims as quickly as possible. Once we have received all relevant documentation and evidence, we endeavour to make you an offer within 14 working days. Once the offer is accepted, we process payments via BACS within 5 working days.

Resulting payments will be made in Pound Sterling (GBP).

Each booking is only for a specific destination. However, as an account holder you can you can make another booking to another destination.

This usually happens when you need to ship to different people or to different destinations. The good news is all your shipments can be collected at the same time and dispatched accordingly. The only thing you need to do is ensure all shipments have been booked, and all documents are ready for driver to collect.

Transit times depend on service selected.

For courier, it is usually 3-5 working days.

For airfreight, it is usually 7-10 working days

For sea freight, it is usually 2-5 weeks, depending on location and, whether it is less than full container loads or full container loads.

The same will apply for imports in to the UK.

We accept most cards and international payment options. We also accept BANK TRANSFER.

If you live in the UK you can pay cash in to our BANK ACCOUNT.

This will usually occur when the actual weight and dimensions differ from what you advised us when you made your booking.

All consignments are verified after collection. If there is any discrepancies from booked information we will advise you by email.

All billing adjustments are only made after advising clients.

This is when your receiver signs on the dotted line that they have received your shipment. A copy of proof of delivery will be available upon request. Proof of delivery is usually only for courier services. As for air and sea freight once you have the airway bill and bill of lading, it is your responsibility to ensure your receiver receives these documents in time for them to clear consignment.

We have tracking available on our platform. For air and sea shipments you can track shipments by visiting relevant shipping line or airline online platform. 

You will need either your bill of lading or container number for sea freight and, your airway bill number for air freight.